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The Suicide of Augustin


Foreword to the Revised Edition of A Mother's Plea: Lifting the Veil in Sanctuary

This updated edition of A Mother's Plea is a further testimony to the drama of this story which continues to unfold - or perhaps better said, the curtain continues to rise as the readers are invited no longer to be mere spectators, but rather to take their place in the drama. They may not be characters in this specific story, but the plea of the Mother resounds throughout the world calling for an active participation in the life of a loving God.

Each of us is a character in the story of God's self-revelation in history. The Gospel is perpetually written through the lives of those who have courage to respond to the call. I say courage because no one who answers the call will go forward unscathed. But, the sweet taste of victory brings a joy enveloped in the mystery of God who is ever present in the sanctuary that remains, too often hidden, in the deep recesses of the soul. The inner peace found there is the knowledge that we are never really alone and that the road to journey's end has meaning and purpose.

An additional chapter has been added to this book that brings to a dramatic finale the story that forms A Mother's Plea. The change in the subtitle from Journey into the Light to Lifting the Veil in Sanctuary is indicative of the Blessed Virgin Mary's yearning to give us the means to make the journey, equipped with the grace of the Holy Spirit and armed for the fight that brings victory. In Sanctuary, the veil is lifted and we are prepared for the journey of life with a renewed understanding. Our eyes and ears are opened to the ancients of old, so we can give attention to God ever active in the here and now, but always with a view to the future.

The suicide of a young man I counseled compels me to more aggressively lift the veil to the hidden presence of God in sanctuary. Agustin Garcia had come to me wrapped in his own darkness of disconnect. He was 21 years old and at the age of 13 had left home to begin a futile search for himself and some semblance of love. His quest took him to the wrong places and to the wrong people.

Just five weeks ago, at this juncture in his journey, he came to me with a burning desire to be free from the darkness enveloping his young life. He felt trapped. I know with certitude that my encounter with him opened a door that could set him free. I became instantly a father to a son. I felt the infusion of God's grace opening to him the fount of mercy and love. Agustin had begun the walk and wanted to make it in communion with others. He was reaching out and just beginning to touch with the tips of his fingers the freedom he sought. But he lived deep on the south side of Chicago, far from this parish where he was beginning to discover a refuge from the demons that haunted him.

Sometimes it takes great courage and strength to live in a world whose spirit militates seductively and powerfully against the truth that we are worthy of God's love and created for a noble purpose. I think Agustin had the courage, but he didn't have the strength. He took his own life - hanging himself from the light fixture of his room in an apartment he shared with several other young men.

His body dangled there for three days before someone opened the door in search of him. Near his body was a handwritten note. In his last words before he died, he asked pardon for his offense and that I celebrate Mass for him in the sanctuary where he felt loved and where he had found peace. As I now write, I am only a few hours from receiving his body into the church for the rite of Christian Burial. After Mass, we will send his body to his parents and siblings in Mexico.

Agustin's death has left me with a heavy heart and in deep sadness. It rekindles in me an urgency to lift the veil in sanctuary in all places and for all people. We should never have come to these times when God seems so inaccessible - so hard to find. The disconnect felt so painfully today is our doing.

This revised edition of A Mother's Plea is an attempt to bring the story afresh into the lives of others. It brings the promise of hope to a world still so new to the third millennium. Since its initial publication in 2005, A Mother's Plea has become a religious bestseller. The book has crossed over the Atlantic to Ireland and to several countries in Africa. Recently it has jumped the Indian Ocean into India and Sri Lanka. It is my hope that the voice ringing through the pages of A Mother's Plea might fortify men and women with the courage and sacrificial strength for the mission entrusted to men and women who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to reconnect a weary, wayward and wondering people with the God of life. "Set against the backdrop of the high tech world the Third Millenium, the looming threat of international and domestic terrorism, and a Church floundering to regain credibility in the wake of countless scandals, Fr. Anthony Bus weaves a bold thread, through the intensely personal sharing of his own journey, to reconnect with the deeper meaning and purpose of life.

This provacative story of an inner-city Chicago priest will profoundly move the hearts of a searching people to recognize the abiding mystery of a hidden presence that sustains and transforms the human person confronted with forces that undermine the dignity and nobility of life."

Rector Emeritus of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy
and Vice Postulator Emeritus for St. Faustina's Cause of Canonization


"This book will rejoice the hearts of the faithful Catholics and will touch especially the hearts of priests and those preparing for the priesthood."

Archbishop of Chicago
"...a lesson in hope. A Mother's Plea details how faith and trustful surrender sustain the hope that waits for what is unseen. That is why this book has no ending...yet. The sequel should be earth-shattering."

Former Time Magazine Reporter and Emmy Award Winning NBC-TV Show Co-Host
"This book is a must read for fellow priests and for anyone searching for greater meaning in their lives and a more intimate relationship with God."

Award-winning journalist and nationally syndicated radio host


Most Reverend J. Basil Meeking, S.T.D.
Censor Deputatus
July 7, 2004

Most Reverend Edwin M. Conway, D.D.
Vicar General
Archdiocese of Chicago
July 8, 2004