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Father Anthony seeks to bring the true Catholic faith into hearts through his words and experiences. The Show points to the negative trends of today’s culture in our world and takes notice.
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Episode #5196 – The Two Tony’s On The Free Reign Of The Flesh

6 hours 58 min ago

After giving the opening prayer on the show as he is trying to do now, Father Anthony and Tony discuss how important prayer is and how good it feels to pray and how we feel afterwards.  Another thing the Two Tony’s discuss, the Free Reign of the Flesh, not just in terms of sex, which is what most consider, but how we are all connected and navigating through this world, primarily through our phones, since Father Anthony got a new one, and how there is much out there and going on in the world.  However, the Two Tony’s point out that even though it’s tempting, we need to take into account the feeling of God and allowing time to not only turn off the phone, but also to take time to be with God at times and to allow ourselves to be helped and pray to Him.  This brings up more on how things have changed in culture and society.       

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Episode # 5195 – Father Koys And The Amazonian Synot

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 13:14

Father Koys is here and he’s always ready to wrinkle your brain.  And since it’s brain wrinkling time on the show, he invites everyone to attend St James in Lemont, IL and his parish, for Wednesday evenings for brain wrinkling wine and wisdom as he calls it.  On the show, he brings up what he is going to discuss at these Wednesday nights, in particular, he focuses on six key problems within the church that can cause frustration: pantheism, superstition, misunderstanding the limitations of dialogue, erroneous theology, the problem with Mother Earth, and tribal collectivism that undermines the freedom of the person.  By examining these issues, or at least starting too, Father Koys tries to express the need to understand these issues and the truth that goes with them.    

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Episode # 5194 – The Two Tony’s On The Triumph Of The Cross And The Holy Eucharist

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 13:18

The Two Tony’s are back with us and Father Anthony, after starting off with a prayer, goes back to discussing the many things and celebrations that happened this past weekend.  The Two Tony’s talk about and discuss, with all these in mind, is the idea of sin and forgiveness.  Along these lines, the Two Tony’s bring up the Triumph of the Cross here to explain the connection we have in terms of being drained of energy and when to stop at times on some things, in how Jesus went through the same thing.  This also once again, brings to mind how many lose or have lost their faith too and it brings to mind the idea of sin and we all sin, but we receive God’s forgiveness and to not refuse Jesus and God. 

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Episode # 5193 – A Visit From The Aid For Women

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 13:08

Mary FioRito, like Father Anthony at times, is “flying” into the studio, due to the traffic.  With that aside, Mary is very happy and pleased to be joined by her two friends, Molly Perry and Kris Cortes, co-chairs for the organization: Aid For Women, which helps women dealing with unexpected and unplanned pregnancies and they are preparing for their most important upcoming even, the Aid for Women Dinner.  They explain the importance of this dinner, as well as having keynote speakers, special events, and other components that are important to the Pro-Life Community.  Molly and Kris talk about not only the dinner, but Aid For Women itself as a whole organization and what it has been doing to help many women and how it has helped many with unexpected pregnancies.  Another special area and person that Mary, Molly, and Kris discuss is Obianuju Ekeocha, who not only will be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Aid For Women Dinner, but also from Nigeria and all the work that she has done in Africa and helped so many, as well as being a huge influence on many.  For more information on Mary FioRito, Molly Perry, Kris Cortes and Aid For Women and their upcoming dinner and tickets, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:      

Aid For Women:

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Episode # 5192 – The Two Tony’s On Confused Catholics

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 13:18

TGIF everyone with the Two Tony’s and Father Anthony is starting off the show, trying to get into this more often, with the Hail Mary.  Even though Friday Feeling has caught up to Father Anthony, he and Tony talk about many things coming up, not only this weekend but in the coming weeks and much going on for Catholics in general.  Father Anthony tries to express how there is a lot of confusion and unrest for many devoted Catholics and have strong faith, however some have a difficult time with some things and confused.  They share their thoughts on this and God’s way of things and what He wants for us and how He helps those who are confused.  This brings up how things and the signs of the times have changed in the world too and how those who have a strong faith in God, are disturbed by some of the changes. 

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Episode # 5191 – The Two Tony’s On The Day After 9/11

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:27

The Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary is today and the Two Tony’s start off the show with that.  But mainly, they discuss more on 9/11, since it was yesterday and Father Anthony points out a lot of the results of that tragic day that have fallen upon the world.  They offer another prayer for those lost on that tragic day, as well as praying for the World to get better and heal.  The Two Tony’s also point out how many don’t understand the meaning and importance of 9/11, expressing the need to talk about this day in history.  With the Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary today, the Two Tony’s share the history and importance of this particular Feast Day, as well as offer a prayer for her.  The Two Tony’s continue talking about the aftermath of 9/11 and how the whole world changed after and how it has affected the faith of many. 


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Episode # 5190 – Father Koys And Winds Of Change Remember 9/11

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 13:17

Today, as we at Winds of Change remember 9/11, Father Koys discusses and offers a moment of silence and prayer for all those who were lost on that very tragic day in American and World History.  For this day, Father Koys talks about the evil and wickedness around us and those responsible for those terrorist attacks on 9/11.  He points out how many teachers and people try to teach and discuss this in order for all the young people who may not understand or who were too young to remember the meaning and importance of this day and what Father Koys calls Holy Forgetfulness and Unholy Forgetfulness here with this and also, in terms of how those who committed this terrible act didn’t have those.  Father Koys also shares the emotional story of a priest who was among those who were lost in that tragedy.  He also expresses the importance of the many that helped on that day and it shows how God and Christ acted through those people and how they act through people around us.  This shows how everyone should help out in any way they can to help their fellow human beings.  He also points out what Pope Francis has talked about surrounding this day.  From all of us at Winds of Change, we remember, never forget, and pray for those who were lost and their families on 9/11.           

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Episode # 5189 – The Two Tony’s On Many Subjects

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 13:15

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s ladies and gentlemen and once again, they have much to discuss.  First off, Father Anthony starts off on how he had a funeral this morning and also from the weekend, sharing many memories of those who have passed.  From this, the Two Tony’s discuss the many mysteries surrounding us in the world, related to the mystery around God and the idea of traveling and the ultimate journey is brought up.  Father Anthony also discusses how he had an interesting conversation with a person named Jude.  Switching gears, Father Anthony talks about Saint Stanislaus Kostka’s first Family Mass this past Sunday, as well as a busy weekend.  One more thing the Two Tony’s discuss is the teachings from the Gospel and how important they are and what they can teach and how helpful they are.       

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Episode # 5188 – Mike Stark And Father Mark Augustine

Mon, 09/09/2019 - 13:27

Winds of Change is happy to have back with us on this Monday, Mike Stark and he is very thrilled to be back on the show.  Today, he is joined by a very special guest, Father Mark Augustine from Saint Mary’s Parish in Lake Forest, Illinois.  He and Mike have many things to discuss, including Father Mark talking about his history with the church, as well as working with all the people he has helped and guided throughout his time at that parish.  Father Mark also talks about his experience in becoming a priest, sharing many memories and life experiences associated with that and not only talking about becoming a priest, but also being one.    For more information on Mike Stark and Father Mark Augustine, visit:

Mike Stark: and  

Father Mark Agustine:

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Episode # 5187 - Discussing The Students Of Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Fri, 09/06/2019 - 12:19

Father Anthony has returned from his recent visit to Rochester, but he has a lot of work to finish and catch up on.  We apologize for the thought was he'd be on the show today, but we have a re-air from August 23rd.  Again, we apologize.

TGIF everyone and The Two Tony’s are here on this beautiful day in Chicago and more beautiful weather on the way.  Father Anthony feels good today too, for he  had the first Mass for the Students this morning, which the Two Tony’s talk about.  This also brings to mind how the first day of school has come too.  From this discussion, Father Anthony brings up how Jesus began to mature and understand His relationship with God, related to the students again, in how they mature and get their education and figure out, “where they are” in terms of what they want to do and become.  The Two Tony’s also share how things have changed for the kids, not just the differences in the generations, but how they have grown as kids and students. 

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Episode # 5186 - Remembering Stefan Niedorezo And The Feast Day Of The Queenship Of Mary

Thu, 09/05/2019 - 11:45

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester this week, but plans are he will be back later on in the week, this is a re-air and one of the most popular shows, from August 22nd.  Thank you.

It’s Thursday and the Two Tony’s are back with us.  Lots of things have been happening, for one thing Father Anthony was in Rochester and visiting in New York as well for two days, experiencing many things there.  Good news besides visiting in New York, the tumor Father Anthony has been struggling with is diminishing and he’s recovering very well.  Sad news however, is that the sculptor and Parish Artisan for St Stanislaus Kostka, Stefan Niedorezo has passed away and the Two Tony's share many fond memories of him and his work.  Everyone at Saint Stans sends their thoughts and prayers to him and his family.  Today is also the Feast Day of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Two Tony’s discuss that a bit, which relates to some of the work that Stefan did for Saint Stanislaus Kostka, especially the Iconic Monstrance.    

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Episode # 5185 – Father Koys On Marriage And Original Solitude

Wed, 09/04/2019 - 13:10

Father Koys is running solo again on the show and he is always excited to wrinkle everyone’s brain with thought provoking and insightful topics.  Today, he first decides to take a side note, and instead of starting off with history as he often does, he talks about weddings and marriage, influenced by conducting 2 weddings over the weekend.  He examines many areas and thoughts on what is usually brought up along the topic of marriage, including talking about John Paul the Second on this.  Father Koys also brings up not only marriage, but how some choose to be alone or not get married which brings up the concept of Original Solitude.  With that in mind, he also points out the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden.       

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Episode # 5184 - Lots Going On And No Time To Organize

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 11:58

Due to Father Anthony heading to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester today, but he will be back later on this week, this is a re-air from August 6th and July 9th.  It has been edited for time.  Thank you.  

Following a funeral Father Anthony conducted before the show, Producer Nick and Tony start off the show.  They have been busy, busy, busy these last few weeks and working a lot, with Father Anthony coming on a little bit after the show starts and much going on, not just funerals, but the Saint Stans Healing Mass as well, with a good turnout.  This brings to mind how much is going on all around us and a need for energy to keep going and no time to organize or put things together, including our faith in God.  With the funeral he conducted this morning, Father Anthony talks about conducting that, as well as meeting the family and knowing the person who sadly passed away.  The Two Tony’s and Cristina (who arrives a bit after the first break) are reunited too on the show and they run they show wherever the spirit takes them today, which goes into looking at the signs of the times again and the difference between the generations.        

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Episode # 5183 - A Visit From Members Of ICE-PAC: The Illinois Citizens For Ethics

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 13:22

Due to the Labor Day holiday, this is a re-air from August 5th and will officially air on Labor Day, September 2nd, 2019.  Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, Happy Labor Day everyone. 

Mary FioRito returns to us loyal listeners.  Today on the show, she is joined by two guests, David Agignone and Mary-Louise Hengsbaugh from ICE-PAC, The Illinois Citizens for Ethics.  For one thing, Mary shares how yesterday the Documentary on Cardinal George was broadcast nationally and shares the success and how it will be shown again.  Getting back on track, she and her guests talk about ICE-PAC and they shares some of their history, not only within the organization, but about themselves.  With ICE-PAC in mind, Mary and David share what the organization works with the Pro-Life Community and dealing with Illinois Politics too.  Primarily, these three discuss the latest and their opinions on the latets abortion laws passed. For more information on Mary FioRIto, Mary-Louise Hengsbaugh, and David Agignone, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

ICE-PAC: and  

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Episode # 5182 – The Two Tony’s On The Saint Stans Students And Saint Augustine’s Conversion

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 13:12

TGIF with the Two Tony’s and they are in very good spirits today.  For one thing, Father Anthony points out that the second Children’s Mass was held and another success, as well as talking about the various children that attended.  Father Anthony also shares more of the inspiring words of the Saints, in particular Saint Augustine and about his own conversion.  Another thing the Two Tony’s discuss is something that one of the students asked, “Is there a Hell?”  This also brings up the loving relationship with God and to show the relationship between good and evil, relating to the students at Saint Stans school and on them making and having friends, while at the same time, knowing who you want to be friends and not bullies or kids not being friends anymore, as well as not forcing people to be your friends.  Along these lines, the Two Tony’s remind everyone that God is not a permissive God.      

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Episode # 5181 – The Two Tony’s On The Church Culture

Thu, 08/29/2019 - 13:14

Thursday with the Two Tony’s has been a busy day so far, with Father Anthony having many, many meetings with Saint Stanislaus Kostka and the school for it too.  With being at the school, Father Anthony points out how uplifting it is to see them and see how they are doing in school and their faith.  The Two Tony’s also talk about the previous and current Feast Days going on too, pointing out how to bring people back to the church in ways of reconnecting or reestablishing their faith.  This also brings up the culture, in terms of how the culture of the Church has changed in a way in what is reflected in culture today.   They also discuss the Saints, not only from the Feast Days, but in terms of the Two Tony’s discussion.   

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Episode # 5180 – Father Koys On The American Civil War

Wed, 08/28/2019 - 13:22

Father Koys is back and is once again ready to spend an hour wrinkling your brain.  Once again, he looks back into history in order to explain why things are the way they are today by examining the past.  First, he starts off by discussing the book: Faith And Fury, by Father Charles Patrick Connor, on the American Civil War talking about how both sides prayed to and kept their faith in God during that conflict and how the war affected their faith.  He also tries to point out a mistake that Father Connor has in this book.  This in turn brings Father Koys back to talk about the Protestants he’s mentioned on various shows.  However, Father Koys points out other areas that influenced this, such as marriage and other issues.    

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Episode # 5179 – The Two Tony’s Reflect Again On The World And Society

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 13:28

The Two Tony’s return to us once again loyal listeners and they continue their discussion on the differences between the generations.  They discuss how things have changed around us in terms of the faith people have these days.  How many still “feel” God’s presence around us in one way or another, while there are also those, possibly the younger generations who need to “feel” His presence in a different way, a way to be able to “see” it as well as “feel” it, knowing He’s there.  The Two Tony’s also share more on the form of loneliness people feel, not just in terms of needing a companion, but wondering if God is there for us and with us.  They also point out the way social media has changed things for people.  From all this, Father Anthony points out that there is a sickness around us in a way, but reminds us to have and continue to have a relationship with God and allow Him to help and guide us in order to deal and heal that sickness. 


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Episode # 5178 – An Interview With Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curren

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 13:42

It’s Monday with Mary FioRito again and she has come back after being away due to sending her eldest daughter off to college at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon.  Today, Mary starts off the show on her own, but she mainly has on the show, former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curren, who has been on the show before and who is running for State Senator in the upcoming election.  With him on the show, he and Mary talk about his service as the Lake County Sheriff for many years, as well as crime, but mainly the two focus on the legalization of marijuana in Illinois and what kind of changes this could mean, in terms of possession of marijuana and how it can affect a lot of people in many ways.  Mark Curren also discusses more on his running for State Senator.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Mark Curren, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:      

Mark Curren: and email at

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Episode # 5177 – Discussing The Students Of Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 13:19

TGIF everyone and The Two Tony’s are here on this beautiful day in Chicago and more beautiful weather on the way.  Father Anthony feels good today too, for he  had the first Mass for the Students this morning, which the Two Tony’s talk about.  This also brings to mind how the first day of school has come too.  From this discussion, Father Anthony brings up how Jesus began to mature and understand His relationship with God, related to the students again, in how they mature and get their education and figure out, “where they are” in terms of what they want to do and become.  The Two Tony’s also share how things have changed for the kids, not just the differences in the generations, but how they have grown as kids and students. 

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